The Movie Analyst

Ever since I watched my first movie (Toy Story) in 2000, I always questioned the way things were filmed. As a 6 year-old at the time, I loved movies but knew nothing about the movie-making process, and so I was limited to only questioning plot holes and such. I was completely oblivious as to why scenes were shot a certain way or why certain cinematic elements were emphasized over others, but I knew that I wanted to know more.

After learning about the various aspects of film (music, acting, cinematography) across the next 14 years, I gained a deeper appreciation of the art. But my questions never stopped.

I gained an appreciation of music and movie scores during my piano studies as a child under the tutelage of world renowned pianist Vera Leinvebers. I learned more about the art of filmmaking and cinema during my two years in the CyberARTS program. I took my first steps in acting through drama clubs and acting classes during my elementary school and university experience. I amassed an extensive knowledge of movie quotes and plots by watching endless hours of films, behind-the-scenes diaries, and cast interviews.

These experiences have nurtured me into the movie analyst I am today. Using my background knowledge coupled with my investigative nature I am changing the norms of cinema one movie analysis at a time.

My goal is to write movie reviews and analyses for a dynamic online publication, where I feel that my strong writing abilities coupled with fresh and creative ideas can add value.